Women and Children

Personal Safety Tips For Women:


Travel Safe

  • If you see or sense problems on your way,just change your route and – prepare to run or defend yourself
  • Do not hitchhike, use buses or taxis instead
  • Do not act or look like an easy target – look confident!
  • Most "fights" are won before they start, and aggressors will back down if you maintain eye contact and are not intimidated by them.
  • Carry self-defence items like pepper spray etc. and make sure to practise its use.
  • If you are walking to look for help, always walk against the traffic so that you can see what is coming.
  • Don't use "headphones" when walking in isolated areas at any time.
  • Be alert at all times.
  • Don't presume that because your area has been "safe" thus far, that it will continue to be so.

Safety Tips For Children:

  • Keep the child informed about the dangers outside. Denial of such problems will result in children misjudging the security.
  • Always keep a check on the child, while he is playing outside.
  • Train him/her to raise alarm, when somebody takes them or they are in trouble. The best advice is to give a whistle and ask the child to blow it whenver neccessary.
  • Always keep a watch on the presence of strangers in your locality.
  • Always encourage the child to talk with you, so that he/she might tell their difficulties.
  • Look out for sudden behavioral changes and counsel them whenever needed.
  • Be informed about the symptoms of child sexual abuse.